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Combining Robotics with AI

Our robots utilize the latest of GPU processing technology running on the on-board embedded systems. Our partnership with NVIDIA through the Inception program gives us access to the industry leading competence on AI, Deep Learning and Neural Networks. This enables us to create robots operating at high speeds, supported by semi-autonomous systems enabling the operator to focus on performing the mission.

Realtime Robotic Control Systems

Our proprietary communication protocols enables remote controlled operations anywhere in the world with extremely low latency. Our achievements include high speed control of our SPURV camera robot from the mainland of Norway, on the Arctic island of Spitsbergen over 2000 kilometers away.

Robotics for Harsh Environments

Our systems are developed for operations in harsh environments, and can easily be adapted to fit customer needs. With interchangeable modules we are able to provide robust and well proven solutions to a variety of  environments, from steep hydroelectric power plants to tunnel fires.

Custom Development and System Integration

Our team consists of several experts with extensive ROS experience and access to hundreds of ROS packages for all kind of sensor integration to help bring your projects to life effectively.


Inspection of Tunnel Structures

Our robots perform inspection and mapping of all kinds of structures, even with low accessibility. For operations in harsh environments and rough terrain we are able to customize our robots in order to obtain the results you need. With a wide variety of sensors that can be integrated onboard the robots we provide our customers information about the integrity of assets that previously has been impossible to obtain.

Long Distance Pipeline Inspections

With our long range wireless data link combined with versatile robotic platforms we are able to provide efficient inspections of pipelines that have previously been out of range for traditional inspection methods and equipment. This gives our customers essential information enabling cost saving Condition Based Maintenance.

Continuous Surveillance

With the capacity to provide real-time video and sensor streams from remote locations our robotic systems are ideal for demanding security applications requiring long operational capacity and harsh weather capabilities. Our systems are controlled over secure network connections complying to your company’s standards.

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