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SPURV Research

SPURV Research is developed to provide a platform for research & development of autonomous vehicle technology, such as machine vision, path planning and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The low physical size and weight, combined with the same functionality as a larger vehicle makes this an ideal platform for reducing the risk, time & cost in research projects.

The vehicle can quickly be controlled through the ROS ecosystem, which saves valuable development time, and gets your project up and running in no time. Onboard smart battery charging & balancing circuitry makes the system available without the need for handling of batteries, creating a plug-and-play system.

With its external connectors it is possible to interface with a large variety of sensors, such as industrial LiDARs, stereo cameras, radars, IMUs, etc, creating a truly flexible and adaptable platform conforming to your organizations’ needs.

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Operation time
3 hours standard

Connectable through standard 802.11ac WiFi interfaces
Up to 1,5 km with external antenna

500 x 450 x 250 mm

10 kg

Top speed
12 m/s with velocity feedback, odometry and feedback from magnetic encoder on steering output

Customizeable sensor solutions
From 180FPS machine vision cameras with global shutters
to 2K stereo cameras
Onboard Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) or Attitude & Heading Reference System(AHRS)

Thermal Camera options
640 × 512 pixels or 320 × 256 pixels

External connectors with common interfaces

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