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SPURV Responder

SPURV Responder is a high-speed camera robot, that provides the operator with a set of eyes and sensors that can be deployed in hazardous environments, without compromising the lives of personnel. The robot has been developed in close cooperation with Rogaland Fire and Rescue, one of the largest fire deparments in Norway, and Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster. SPURV Responder is used by our customers for reconnaissance in tunnel structures, underground facilities, industrial buildings and other objects that are associated with high risk of personnel casualties.

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  • Tool for scene commanders and SCBA

  • Identifies persons quickly

  • Rapid deployment and easy to use

  • Provides continuous situational awareness

  • Up to 3 hours of operation

  • Optimized for wireless range and performance in tunnel structures

  • Can be operated via mobile networks (4G/LTE)


Rogaland Brann og Redning

Ålesund Brannvesen

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Operation time
3 hours standard

Up to 1,5 km with external antenna
Unlimited when using 4G or preinstalled infrastructure

500 x 450 x 250 mm

10 kg

Top speed
45 km/h

Full HD low-light camera
125° Field of View

Thermal Camera
640 × 512 pixels or 320 × 256 pixels

Operating Temperature
-10 – 125 °C

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